Miniature International World Flags - "On Sale Now" at $3.50 per dozen

Miniature International Flags

4"x6" miniature international world flags " On Sale Now" for over 150 countries priced for bulk purchases at $3.50/dz. Each flag is attached to a 10" plastic staff with spear tip. They make excellent decorations for special events and rallies.

All flags are sold by the dozen and in any assorted dozens of your choice.

Supplying Miniature International Flags since 1989 !

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International Miniature Flags - Wholesale
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We stock the 4"x6" miniature international flags for over 150 countries and price them for wholesale purchases at $3.50/dz. Each Flag is made of 100% polyester, and comes mounted on a 10" black plastic staff with spear point, through sewn sleeve !
They make excellent decorations for special events and rallies.
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ITEM NO: #MIN whsle - 4" X 6"

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( Item: Miniature International Flags - 4"x 6" )
* Sold only by the dozen *

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Unit Price:
Min Order: 1 dz
* Sold only by the Dozen
1 dzn
$ 3.50
( plus shipping )

** BUYERS NOTE:   If interested in ordering
"single flags" rather than flags by the dozen,
at our individuall prices of $1.00 each !

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