Complete United Nations Flag Set 4"x6"

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The United Nations Desk Flag Set includes a nice quality 4"x6" polyester flag for each of the 193 UN Member Nations, plus the United Nations Flag. Each flag is attached to a 10" black plastic staff with spearpoint.

You also have the option to purchase a desktop flag base from the links below. We carry both a 1-hole and a 8-hole desk base.

Supplying quality UN Flag Sets since 1989 !

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   4" x 6" Flags  
( Set Includes: 193 UN Member Nations Countries )
Flags are 100% polyester,
and come on 10" black plastic staff with spearpoint,

ITEM NO: #A1A-UN- 4" X 6"   

** Table Top Bases sold seperately
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( Item: 4" x 6" Flags )


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    1+ $ 195.00
    2+ $ 175.00

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